Terms and Conditions

  • State Bank of India
    State Bank of India, is a corporate body, constituted under State Bank of India Act 1955 and having its Central Office at Madame Cama Road, Mumbai 400 021, India, (hereinafter called Bank).
  • Global Link Services
    Global Link Services (GLS) is an office functioning under the International Banking Group of State Bank of India, located at Mumbai. This office is set up for handling foreign currency collections on behalf of all domestic branches of SBI as per Section 23 of Banking Regulation Act 1949 (hereinafter called GLS).
  • The Website
    State Bank of India maintains the web-sites statebankofindia.com, onlinesbi.com and onlinesbi.com/gls ("the Site") to provide you with information about the Bank services and products and to facilitate communication with the bank. For the purpose of remittance product, SBI - EXPRESS REMIT, the visitors are requested to visit www.onlinesbi.com/gls , hereinafter called the WEBSITE.
  • Customer
    A Registered User who avails or seeks to avail of any Facility at GLS website.
  • Debit Account Number
    An account of the Customer with any bank in USA from which the funds will be transmitted by using ACH mechanism. A customer can have a maximum of 3 debit accounts.
  • Registeration Number
    A number assigned to the customer at the time of registration. Registered user should quote this number for any enquiries in future.
  • Customer ID & Customer Password
    Customer ID is a distinct ID in alphabets selected by the Customer. Customer Password means the selected secret password by the customer, at the time of registeration. "Customer ID" & "Customer Password" together are required to:
    i. Avail the facility of SBI EXPRESS REMIT and enter into transactions in respect of the facility,
    ii. Register the beneficiaries in India and their account numbers , register a change in address, change in details, payments, and make online applications,
    iii. Track the remittance and
    iv. do such other acts as the Website may permit.
  • Beneficiary
    The person / persons designated by the remitter to receive the remittances in India.
  • Transaction reference number
    The number assigned by the system for every remittance instruction, using which the customer can track his remittance instruction.
  • Registered User
    Any Visitor who has registered himself with the Website but who may or may not have entered into any transactions in respect of the services and products offered on the Website. The term "Registered User" includes every Customer.
  • Service Provided
    Any Visitor who has registered himself with the Website but who may or may not have entered into any transactions in respect of the services and products offered on the Website. The term "Registered User" includes every Customer.

Remittance Facility - SBI EXPRESS REMIT

SBI Express Remit is a web based electronic, state-of-the-art process, for funds transfers from Registered user's US bank account to India. Registered user will be able to post his / her remittance instructions on the website itself, pursuant to which funds will be collected from your bank account through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) mechanism and transferred to the beneficiary's account or utilised for issue and couriering of a demand draft to the beneficiary from any suitable location in India as the case may be. Subject to the relevant regulatory approvals and other terms of this Facility, this Facility ("SBI Express Remit), on it being made available enables the Registered User to remit or send foreign currency from a US based Bank a/c to a bonafied beneficiary in India after conversion into Indian Rupees.

The foreign exchange conversion rate shown for the calculation on the Website is only indicative to help the Registered User to arrive at an approximate INR amount that the beneficiary will receive. It in no way guarantees or represents, the foreign exchange conversation rate that will actually be applied to the foreign exchange sent by the Registered User (the remitter). The Bank will be responsible for the conversion to INR, and will apply the foreign exchange conversion rates prevailing on the day of conversion, or other rates as per its discretion. You may also refer to FAQs on the website (onlinesbi.com/gls) for additional information.
You may also refer to FAQs on the website (onlinesbi.com/gls) for additional information.

Delay in the Transactions and Non-Liability for damages

State Bank Of India shall endeavour that the Remitter's instructions and the related transactions are communicated and / or performed, SBI does not guarantee that any instructions will definitely be communicated or carried out that any transactions will definitely be performed., SBI shall not be responsible for any delay in communicating or performance of any instructions or transactions due to any reason whatsoever, including by reasons of failure of operational systems, natural calamity, floods, fire and other natural disasters, legal restraints, faults in the telecomminication network or network failure,software or hardware error, labour problem, strike or any other reason beyond the control of SBI.

The Process

The process involves the following steps:
  • Registration of the customer.
  • Registration approval by GLS after Social Security Number (SSN) and other verifications.
  • Filling up of the account details of the customer and defining the beneficiaries.
  • Giving remittance instructions.
  • Processing of remittance instructions by GLS after due regulatory checks.
  • Affording credit to the beneficiary either by way of direct credit , couriering of draft, to the beneficiary, RTGS, and NEFT.

The Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions set out for the customers to read and understand the terms and conditions laid by SBI.

The information and policy statements appearing on onlinesbi.com/gls or any other site maintained by the bank are applicable to facilities offered by GLS.. Wherever applicable your use of this Site constitutes your agreement to all such terms and conditions.

The Bank reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices applicable to the use of the Site and reserves the right to modify any features of any products or services offered by the Bank on the Site and any information found on the Site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Continued use of the Site after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

The services and products available on the site are in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines as prescribed by Government of India and Reserve Bank of India from time to time and the Bank makes no representations that they are in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of other countries governing similar services and products.

The Registered User agrees to provide true and complete information as prompted by the registration form on the Website, and to update this information to keep it true and complete at all times. The Bank's privacy policy and security policy is posted on the Website. For the purpose of providing SBI Express Remit we endeavor to follow the same policy subject to applicable laws and the limitations of internet being an open system. While we offer reasonable care and prudence dictated by the nature of relationship and transactions, we do not guarantee or warrant absolute security or privacy against all risks and the remitter while using our services agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless against all claims arising out of unauthorised persons gaining access to the site.

The Registered User will be solely and absolutely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of all IDs and passwords and the Registered User will be fully and absolutely responsible and liable for all transactions and activities that occur under the Registered User's ID and password including any unauthorised use or misuse of the ID and / or password. The user should ensure that he / she logs out from their account at the end of each session.. The Registered User will be responsible and liable if any third party gains access to the Website or any Facility through the use of their ID or password, and the Registered User hereby agrees to indemnify SBI and hold SBI harmless against any liability, costs, damages, claims, suits and proceedings based upon or relating to such unauthorised access and use.

The Registered User cannot cancel any instructions once provided, save and except as specifically detailed on the Website. Additionally, when the Registered User places a request to cancel an instruction or a transaction that has been authorised by the Registered User, such cancellation is not guaranteed by the bank. Such instruction or transaction will only be cancelled if the Registered User's request for cancellation is received and acted upon before the instruction or transaction has been executed.

The Bank shall have the right to and not the obligation to, and the Registered User hereby authorises the Bank to verify any information provided by the Registered User and the registered user hereby authorises the bank to verify any information provided by the registered user. The Bank will remit the funds into India only after it has received a confirmation that such foreign currency has been received in its account.

The Registered User will not be entitled to any interest for the period during which the funds to be remitted are with the Bank, or pending remittance or are in the course of remittance, or for any other period.

The Registered User hereby agrees that, where the Bank so deems advisable or necessary, the Bank may hold the money (to be remitted to India) for longer than the usual time for remittance, and may delay the remittance.

The Registered User hereby agrees that the purpose of the remittances will be for personal use such as family maintenance or remittances for foreign tourists visiting India. Trade or business related remittances or any type of donations and other remittances not permissible under the facility or regulations prevailing from time to time are not covered under, and should not be effected through, the SBI Express Remit Facility.

The registered user should note that under SBI EXPRESS REMIT, he / she can only remit
  • A minimum of $50 and maximum of $5000 per transaction
  • Maximum aggregate remittance in a week-$15000, month- $30000, quarter- $80000, half year - $120000 and year - $150000
  • Maximum number of remittances per week - 3, month - 6, quarter - 16, half year - 24 and year - 30.

Under no circumstances will the funds to be remitted to India or any portion thereof be allowed to be transferred out of India under the SBI Express Remit In order to access and use the Website and avail of any Facility the Visitor must be an individual of at least 18 years of age and one who can enter into legally binding contracts under laws applicable to the Visitor.

Citizens and residents of countries other than India (collectively, "non-residents") shall access, use and avail of the Website and the Facilities only to the extent the domestic laws of India and such countries permit them to access, use and avail of the Website and the Facilities. The Visitor agrees that the Visitor will be solely and absolutely liable for any liability incurred by the Visitor in this regard and the Visitor will indemnify the Bank against any liability incurred by the Bank in this regard.

The Bank accepts no liability whatsoever, direct or indirect for non-compliance with the laws of any country other than that of India. The Website, the Terms and Conditions, all transactions entered into on or through the Website and the relationship between the Registered User and the Bank shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and no other nation. The Registered User and the Bank agree that all claims, differences and disputes arising under or in connection with or pursuant to the Website, the Terms and Conditions, any transactions entered into on or through the Website or the relationship between the Registered User and the Bank shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and the Registered User hereby accede to and accept the jurisdiction of such courts. Provided that, notwithstanding what is stated above, if the Bank so thinks fit the Bank may institute proceedings against the Registered User in any other court or tribunal having jurisdiction.

Not withstanding any statute or law to the contrary, but to the extent permitted by law, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to access or use of the Website or any Facility or the Terms and Conditions must be filed within six (6) months after such claim or cause of action arose failing which it shall be forever barred.